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eden beauty lounge in Luxemburg-City

Unwanted hair on the body is an individual problem that most people solve by shaving. Nowadays it's not just about hair on the legs, in the armpits or in the genital area. Even facial hair, hair on the hands or toes or unwanted chest hair are carefully removed by many women and men today.

But shaving can lead to skin irritation and stubble, which can become a permanent condition through regular repetition of such beauty treatment, often felt to be annoying. Alternatives such as waxing and sugaring also only offer temporary hair-free success and have also proven to be comparatively painful treatments.

Permanent hair removal
for her and him

The alternative to constant shaving or waxing

Take your decision now for permanent hair removal and permanently smooth skin. Come and see us at the eden beauty lounge in Luxembourg. We offer you modern and pain-free hair removal with the latest laser light technology from the world market leader Lumenis - for your skin health and comfortable well-being - with smooth, hair-free skin.



Would you like to save even more?

If you book 6 sessions and pay immediately,
you get a  % discount compared to a single booking.

Call us – we look forward to hearing from you!

Price advantages

For a long time, permanent hair removal was considered a cost-intensive treatment

We want to offer professional hair removal with the latest laser technology at an affordable price for everyone. For this reason, we offer you high-quality complete packages and changing promotional prices to help make your costs worthwhile.

Make an appointment for the treatment of your desired area as a men's or women's package. Take advantage of our free, no-obligation trial session or opt directly for the full body treatment. During your free consultation, ask about our innovative financing models, which allow you to pay for your treatment conveniently in easy instalments.

Smooth and hair-free skin always and everywhere

If you would like to enjoy permanently smooth and hair-free skin, we offer you modern treatment with laser light technology and needle epilation in the eden beauty lounge in Luxembourg. Laser technology treatment specifically deactivates the hair growth cell, causing hair to fall out and no longer grow back. This gentle, pain-free procedure enables efficient treatment on almost all parts of the body, and so achieve your wishes for well-groomed hair-free skin in the best possible way.
Why go to the eden beauty lounge in Luxembourg

Why go to the eden beauty lounge in Luxembporg for permanent hair removal? The eden beauty lounge stands out as a modern beauty salon in Luxembourg City with high-quality solutions for permanent hair removal.. If you are worried about unwanted body hair on individual body areas or on the whole body, our high-quality laser light technology offers you the safe and reliable removal of hair while carefully considering your skin health. Even if you have excessive hair density or gender atypical growth (e.g. facial hair for a woman), we can assist you with our modern treatment for permanent hair removal in Luxembourg, and provide relief and a new sense of well-being. 

Our team members have had extensive training and only carry out treatment with the greatest care after an individual consultation. We have been serving our customers for over 10 years. With our Luxembourg location we have gone beyond our borders and now offer you permanent hair removal based on our many years of experience, to bring you the safe and permanent hair removal you have wished for. Discretion and reliability are the order of the day for us.

How does permanent hair removal work in Luxembourg?

Your safety and health is important to us. For this reason we start permanent hair removal for men and women with a  free and personalised consultation. At that moment, you explain to us your wishes for permanent hair removal in very concrete terms. We then create a hair and skin analysis for the area of the body to be depilated, which serves as the basis for the recommendations for a treatment plan that matches your wishes. Of course, we also explain the realistically possible results to you and show you the costs of the treatment in a transparent manner.

We also offer flexible packages and super special offers to make permanent hair removal of all kinds affordable for men and women. Let us advise you on our pricing: We also provide modern instalment payment options and “saver” prices for larger packages to pay for your treatment.

If you are satisfied with the treatment plan and the cost package, you then book your sessions when convenient. Depending on the body area and individual hair growth, some areas may require three or four sessions, others around six sessions for completely hair-free skin. Due to the timing of natural hair growth phases, you should allow four to six weeks between permanent hair removal sessions in Luxembourg in order to completely remove hair from the desired body area.


1. Free consultation

Make sure you get a free consultation - in person at our studio in Luxembourg or online. We offer a comprehensive consultation with personalised hair and skin analysis and answer all your questions about laser technology and needle epilation.

2. Treatment plan

We find the optimal treatment for your wishes and create a customised treatment plan for you.

3. Offers

We then inform you about the costs of permanent hair removal and about our offers, treatment packages and financing options.

4. Treatment

We will arrange the following treatment appointments according to your treatment plan and start the treatment with up to 6 sessions per area or as required.

Advantages of hair removal

  • Smooth flawless skin
  • No ingrown hairs
  • Never shave
  • No stubble
  • Not suitable for every hair or skin structure
  • Permanent hair removal improves skin structure
  • The skin appears finer-pored and smoother

Advantages of the LightSheer diode laser

  • Gentle on the skin
  • Sure success
  • Fast
  • Painless
  • Efficient and permanent results
  • Small number of sessions
  • FDA safety and quality certified

Permanent hair removal in Luxembourg:

Book the eden beauty lounge now. Your professional modern hair-free solution

We would be happy to welcome you to a free consultation in the eden beauty lounge in Luxembourg. As a professional specialist in permanent hair removal, we give you comprehensive, transparent and personalised advice. Many years of experience and the most modern technology are the tools with which we fulfil your wishes for hair-free skin and offer you optimum protection for your skin health. We work primarily with the LightSheer diode laser from the world market leader Lumenis, which is FDA-certified and meets the highest standards for skin health and gives the best possible results.