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Hair removal of the buttocks and intimate area

Professional removal of hair on the buttocks

Hair removal on the buttocks is one of the complex matters in body care for ladies. Despite careful and regular hair removal on the buttocks and especially in the intimate area, the removal of hair with conventional means always leads to complications: Ingrown hairs, inflammation and skin irritation are quickly the result if done improperly.

In this case, shaving, waxing or sugaring must be repeated regularly to maintain well-being. We know how you can forget about removing hair from your buttocks in the future without the need for depilatory cream, razors and sugar paste: Come to us to eden beauty lounge and get advice on modern options for permanent hair removal from a professional.

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Special care should be taken when removing hair from the buttocks and the entire intimate area. The skin in the intimate area is full of blood vessels and is very sensitive to irritation due to numerous nerve tracts.

But while the skin here is rather thin and delicate, the hairs growing here are mostly of strong structure, well consolidated by strong roots in the hair follicles: Shaving offers the quick hair removal in this area, but it does not last long. Due to the fine and often lying in small folds skin of the intimate area, increased vigilance against cuts is required here. Regrowing hairs can also easily lead to inflammation here due to ingrowth.

Epilation and waxing treatments are very painful in the intimate area. For intimate hair removal, both treatment methods are therefore only suitable to a limited extent and should not be carried out on your own if hair on the buttocks and in the bikini area is disturbing.

Peculiarities of intimate hair removal

Laser treatment offers the optimal solution to permanently remove hair in the intimate area:

  • Thorough and permanent hair removal
  • Gentle treatment without pulling out the hair (much less painful than epilation)
  • Also suitable for the sensitive skin of the buttocks and intimate area
  • No risk of cuts and ingrown hairs during intimate hair removal
  • Usually after a few sessions all hair removed by destroying the hair follicles

As an expert hair removal studio, we offer you the comprehensive consultation for your individual hair removal wishes. Hair once removed by us will remain removed in the future. For the sensitive skin in the intimate area, we are here to assist you professionally not only during the treatment, but also in the pre- and post-treatment. For intimate hair removal that is gentle on the skin, we work with the latest laser treatment technologies and use the appropriate variant for hair removal or skin rejuvenation.

We are happy to answer your questions about our treatment methods, give you tips for good skin care and are available for a comprehensive consultation. Trust our professional and expertly trained team for body hair removal for men and women.

Professional hair removal on the buttocks and intimate area

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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