Gentle needle epilation of the armpits for women at eden
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Needle epilation for smooth armpits for ladies

Do you also love the feeling of well-groomed, hair-free armpits? Not only in summer, many ladies prefer smooth skin under the arms. With needle epilation you can experience the smooth skin feeling permanently and avoid irritated skin, ingrown hairs and regular shaving in the underarm area for the future. Enjoy the hair-free well-being of silky smooth skin with professional permanent hair removal by an expert. At eden beauty lounge we offer needle epilation for underarms for men and women always in an optimized price-quality ratio.

Do you have any further questions or would you like to arrange a no obligation consultation? Then please call us on +352 26440749.

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A beautiful skin feeling through needle epilation

By each person, the hair on the body appears differently: while some ladies have dark and thick hair in the armpits, hair growth by others appears as thin and light fluff. Others have thick but light hair in the armpits. Regardless of the hair structure, many ladies feel bothered by body hair and regularly remove hair in the armpits by shaving, waxing or depilatory cream. These depilation methods have in common the only short-term lasting effect, which makes the constant repetition necessary to bring back the hair-free, smooth skin feeling.

With needle epilation for women's armpits, you put a professional end to the recurring cycle of epilation. At eden beauty lounge we offer laser treatment and needle epilation for individual hair removal according to your needs. In needle epilation, a fine needle is used to directly reach the hair follicle through the hair channel and eliminate hair growth from the root. The existing hair is removed, while the follicle is destroyed and thus prevented from producing new hair in the armpits. The skin remains permanently smooth, hair-free and well-groomed, as in the future there will be no irritation from hair removal, problems with ingrown hairs and skin irritation. Needle epilation is successful even with light and fine hair. Moreover, it can be used even for birthmarks and tattoos when laser treatment cannot be applied. You will get silky smooth skin in the armpits on a permanent basis.

We are at your disposal for a personal consultation about hair removal in the armpits. Book an appointment and visit us at our studio in Luxembourg. Book needle epilation for underarms for men and women or get advice on treatment options for other areas of the body. As your professional hair removal studio, we will explain in detail the options for permanent hair removal with needle epilation and laser for a hair-free and healthy skin feeling.

Smooth skin by professional needle epilation: Smooth armpits by eden beauty lounge

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