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Permanently smooth skin in the bikini area: needle epilation for ladies

Not only in summer, many ladies prefer to depilate the bikini line. With needle epilation you will have permanently smooth and hair-free skin in the bikini line for sure and you can use both the time saved and the cost of hair removal products, which were needed regularly before, for better purposes. Benefit from professional treatment with needle epilation by your hair removal specialist eden beauty lounge.

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Modern needle epilation for high treatment comfort

Needle epilation offers a high level of treatment comfort for hair removal in the bikini area of ladies. Due to our modern technology and many years of experience, the treatment is extremely efficient. The stylish ambience of eden beauty lounge complements our professionalism and discretion for you with a feel-good factor that supports the gentle epilation of your bikini line. Even before the actual treatment during our free consultation, we clarify your questions about permanent bikini line hair removal for ladies.

During the treatment, the needle attachment is gently inserted into the hair shaft to penetrate with the tip to the root and the hair follicle. There, an impulse is generated with electricity, which destroys the follicle and thus prevents its natural function, hair production, for the future. The hair that is still present falls out, new growth is no longer possible, which is why the hair shaft also narrows as part of future skin care. The result is therefore not only a beautiful, smooth and hair-free skin in the bikini line thanks to needle epilation, but also an improved and finer-pored skin texture that feels pleasantly soft. At the same time, needle epilation, unlike light and laser, is suitable even for fine, thin and light hair, as well as for skin with birthmarks and tattoos.

Not only ladies appreciate the professional hair removal at eden beauty lounge. Our treatment offers are as individual as your wishes, primarily divided according to body areas, in order to make the information and planning of your personal hair freedom as easy as possible. Before each treatment, however, there is a comprehensive consultation in which we bring together your wishes with our treatment options. Make an appointment and discuss with us the suitable options of permanent hair removal with needle epilation in the bikini line.

Permanent hair removal with needle epilation in the bikini line

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