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Professional hair removal on the stomach

Hair removal on the abdomen - permanent and fast by laser beams

Many people - both men and women - find strong body hair impractical and unaesthetic. Hairfree and smooth skin is considered to be particularly beautiful and attractive, being permanently hairfree is in fashion today. If you suffer from annoying excessive hair and if you are considering, for example, permanent hair removal on the abdomen, you are in the right place in our hair removal studio.

We remove unwanted hair with a laser, provide a treatment that does not affect skin health and gives your body a new feeling of skin. In the future, forget about shaving your abdomen, remove hair permanently through treatment at eden beauty lounge.

We at eden beauty lounge are an experienced team of experts in permanent hair removal with laser. With perfect know-how and latest technology, we perform your abdominal hair removal quickly, safely and pleasantly, so you can forget about your unwanted hair forever.

With our laser treatments, we can remove your troublesome abdomen hair so that you can enjoy your smooth skin in the abdominal area every day in the future. Do you belong to the men who look attractive and well-groomed? Our methods of hair removal emphasize this feeling and ensure that the annoying hairs no longer grow.

Do you have any further questions or would you like to arrange a no obligation consultation? Then please call us on +352 26440749.

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We remove your disturbing abdominal hair with laser light. High frequency laser beams transform heat through the melanin content of the hair and permanently destroy the hair roots. Due to the integrated cooling system in the diode laser, the surrounding tissue is not damaged.

You will only feel a tingling sensation in the treated area of the body. The treatment must be repeated in several sessions because the hair grows in spurts and in a single treatment appointment only the hair roots that are currently in the phase of hair growth can be destroyed.

The best procedure to permanently remove your abdominal hair

We owe our treatment successes to the most modern laser technology

Advantages of LightSheer diode lasers from LUMENIS and Palomar Vectus laser system:

  • Newest technology based on aesthetic requirements

  • The laser stands for the highest treatment comfort

  • The treatment is optimally gentle on the skin

  • The method is fast and safe

Before a treatment we will inform you in detail about the procedure of hair removal on the abdomen. We also carefully analyze your skin type and hair structure and develop a precise treatment plan for permanent hair removal with laser.

We not only take into account the differences in the hair of men and women, but also focus on the individual skin and hair situation. In general, diode laser is ideal for all hair types. In exceptional cases, it is recommended to perform body hair removal by elektrolysis. This is especially the case with very fine and light hair.

We advise you on permanent hair removal from your stomach

Hair removal on the abdomen provides a sporty and attractive effect

A masculine and muscular abdomen looks really attractive only when it is smooth and hairfree. If you do a professional hair removal in the abdominal area, you will improve your positive charisma. When swimming or doing any other sport, on the beach or in the sauna: even for men, permanently hairless skin in the abdominal area noticeably increases the quality life feeling.

If desired, you can have the hair removed with our method not only on the abdomen, but also in other areas of the body, for example on the back or in the intimate area. With permanent hair removal on the abdomen you can enjoy your smooth skin forever and forget about other hair removal methods such as shaving, depilatory cream and depilatory wax.

Would you like to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation?

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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