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Permanently soft and smooth legs

Professional hair removal of the legs for your special feeling of well-being

Regular hair removal from the legs is part of the regular care program for many women. Especially on the lower legs, the growth of hair is usually undesirable, as it has a disturbing effect on the overall appearance. Especially in summer, but also in all other seasons, smooth legs are an important contribution to beauty. Leg hair removal gives most women a pleasant feeling of being well-groomed right down to the tiptoes.

The usual hair removal by shaving unfortunately does not last long and often individual hairs are overlooked. However, epilating with wax is not very pleasant and, moreover, must also be constantly repeated. With our professional method of permanent hair removal of the legs, you will become permanently hair-free and can enjoy your silky smooth skin without hair all year round. Our method is gentle on the skin and guarantees you caring and safe leg hair removal for all times - and not just for a few days or weeks.

Do you have any further questions or would you like to arrange a no obligation consultation? Then please call us on +352 26440749.

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We guarantee permanent hair removal of your legs using the most modern methods. Do away with waxing and shaving in the future, be gentle on your skin and still say goodbye to every single hair. Our first-class trained and experienced staff will perform your leg hair removal by electroepilation.

Our Apilus Senior epilator from Dectro, one of the market leaders in epilators, will pamper you with the utmost comfort. Our method is the modern technique of thermolysis, which means that epilation is performed using a high-frequency electrolysis. Even fine hair and small hairs are safely removed, the skin looks well-groomed and appears silky smooth surface.

Gentle hair removal of legs with permanent result

The advantages of our method:

During a detailed consultation we will explain our hair removal procedure to you. An analysis of your hair texture and structure is of course part of our standard, as well as the careful information with tips on the best pre- and post-treatment of the skin.

You are welcome to test our quality free of charge during a trial session in our hair removal studio. After treatment with our method, you can do without waxing, sugaring and shaving in the future. You will save time completely without painful epilation and enjoy the smooth skin instead.

  • You are rid of your unwanted hair forever

  • The procedure is pleasant and fast

  • All types of hair can be treated with it

  • The method is proven and safe

  • The combination of competent expertise of our staff and
    state-of-the-art technology guarantees a first-class result

Permanent leg hair removal for a feminine look

Tanned and silky smooth legs without hair are the eye-catcher par excellence in summer. Whether you are wearing a miniskirt or shorts, a swimsuit or a breezy summer dress, if you choose us for permanent hair removal of the legs, you can enjoy your well-groomed and silky skin in the future without hair continuing to grow. On the beach, in the pool or in the wellness hotel, everywhere where you like to show naked skin, smooth and well-groomed legs convey aesthetics and a sense of well-being.

The method is not only suitable for women, but also offers a good opportunity for men to remove hair and maintain the health of the skin. Ask us. We will be happy to explain you the modern alternatives of hair removal with laser and Elektrolysis. Visit us at eden beauty lounge as your professional hair removal studio in Luxembourg.

Would you like to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation?

You can reach us at +352 26440749 or send us an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We look forward to hearing from you.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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