The most important misconceptions about laser hair removal

Permanent depilation of the entire body or individual body regions is trending. More and more women and men opt for permanent hair removal on legs and arms, on the back and in the genital area. Lots of people are enthusiastic about the pleasantly comfortable body sensation that comes from smooth and soft skin. Laser hair removal eliminates unwanted hair growth permanently and gently, so you can put razor or depilatory cream hair removal out of your mind for good. Regrowing stubble and skin irritation are things of the past.

Permanent laser hair removal has been known for over 20 years, and its lasting effectiveness has been confirmed by research. But there are still reservations and myths about the supposed risks. Medical findings and clinical studies show that professional salon hair removal is gentle, effective and harmless to health.

Are there medical reasons for permanent hair removal?

Permanent hair removal is still trending. Most customers visit a depilation studio because they simply want the feeling of well-being and attractiveness they gain from smooth, soft and hair-free skin. In addition, the desire for hair-free skin also has practical reasons, because it is much easier to care for than areas of skin where hair grows unhindered.

Is hair removal at home with an IPL epilator recommended?

Permanent hair removal is an issue for many women and men. When deciding to visit a professional depilation studio, some people who want to remove hair wonder whether an IPL epilator for home use could be just as useful. After all, there are enough models for home use on the internet and in electrical retail stores. These epilators are not cheap, however. Before purchasing, it is advisable to carefully check the device and its performance, and it is also worth taking a closer look at feedback from users.

The benefits of LightSheer diode lasers

Gently and permanently hair-free with the latest technology

Showing off a smooth, hair-free body is fun, not only in summer. Skin on the arms and legs, on the face and armpits, on the chest and abdomen looks well-groomed and feels velvety without any disturbing hair growth. With the state-of-the-art technology of the new Lightsheer diode lasers, unwanted hair can be removed quickly and successfully. Experienced experts at eden in Koblenz, Luxembourg and other locations perform hair removal with little pain and which is gentle on the skin. This method corresponds to the latest scientific knowledge. It scores well because it requires just a few sessions and is a comfortable process that can be precisely adapted to every type of skin and hair. Innovation is the result of many years of research. Its efficacy has been awarded a safety and quality certificate by the American Food and Drug Administration FDA

Help for excessive body hair - Hirsutism

Women who have a lot of hair all over their body generally suffer a great deal because of how they look, the medical term for this is hirsutism. Depending on the extent and strength of the hair covering their body, the suffering endured by the woman affected can be enormous and fundamentally affect her sense of well-being. In some cases, help is available by taking medications designed to reduce excessive hair. However, if medicinal treatment is not successful, needle and electroepilation or laser treatment is recommended to reduce excessive body hair in women. Eden offers proven and gentle procedures to carefully and permanently remove annoyingly excessive body hair.