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Is hair removal at home with an IPL epilator recom­mended?

Permanent hair removal is an issue for many women and men. When deciding to visit a professional depilation studio, some people who want to remove hair wonder whether an IPL epilator for home use could be just as useful. After all, there are enough models for home use on the internet and in electrical retail stores. These epilators are not cheap, however. Before purchasing, it is advisable to carefully check the device and its performance, and it is also worth taking a closer look at feedback from users.

A domestic IPL epilator priced at around 500 Euros provides gentle light impulses that ensure silky-smooth skin every day, according to ads on the web. It is a simple device offering five different intensity levels, and works without a cable. Another, slightly cheaper epilator from a different company promises to be suitable for all skin types and provide full body treatment in 30 minutes. A hair reduction of 89% is said to be achieved after only 4 sessions. Face attachment and safety goggles are supplied.

Various manufacturers offer home IPL units starting at around 300 Euros

Customer feedback shows that home epilation is neither very easy nor very successful - and certainly not as cheap as promised.

In some customer reviews, home epilators are sometimes described as very positive. Some users therefore have had success with depilation or at least in reducing hair density after prolonged use. Others, however, say using this sort of device is tedious, cumbersome and lengthy and are disappointed by the limited result.

Some users found the application painful or requiring a lot of patience, and criticised the extremely short battery life.

Many users also complain that the price for replacement lamps is very high, a considerable sum of money that often adds to the overall cost of acquiring some devices.

Hair removal in a depilation studio, just like hair removal at home, means investing time and money. Whereas hair removal with a domestic IPL epilator often seems to be a real test of patience, sometimes without real success, the professional depilation studio offers the certainty that the treatment works and that hair will never grow back.

Home devices cannot have the same lasting effect as high-tech professional devices. During depilation in a professional studio, not only is the hair shaft heated, but the heat travels into the hair root and destroys it permanently.

In conclusion, it can be said that anyone who wants to be on the safe side and is looking for permanent hair removal without any health risk will find all this at a professional depilation studio offering the quickest, most effective treatment and the best value for money.

Trained professionals with powerful equipment at work in the hair removal studio

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