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Permanent hair removal for ladies: Needle epilation in the area of buttocks

Just as in the intimate area, unwanted hair in the buttocks is a nuisance. Ladies can be relieved by needle epilation easily and discreetly, without fear of ingrown hairs and inflammation. Let our team consult you free of charge on professional hair removal for ladies in the buttock fold and make an appointment for your treatment at eden beauty lounge. We offer the latest technology with needle epilation and laser for permanent hair removal at our studio in Luxembourg.

Do you have any further questions or would you like to arrange a no obligation consultation? Then please call us on +352 26440749.

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Smooth skin up to the buttock fold – discreet and safe

While the epilation of bikini or armpits is still a comparably simple undertaking, hair removal in the buttock fold requires special attention. Not only that delicate skin and often very firm skin structures meet here, but also the view of the back intimate area makes epilation more difficult if you use classic epilation methods such as shaving or waxing. Thus, every time you remove hair, you risk small injuries and ingrown hairs that can become infected. And also, unfortunately, the optimal result can not be achieved far too often, because hardly any lady can look at her buttock fold after the treatment to check.

With permanent hair removal in the lady's pubic area you can forget about complicated contortions and the loss of time in the future with the help of needle epilation. In our specialized cosmetic studio, professionally trained staff with numerous years of experience will treat you with needle epilation gently and skin-friendly. During the treatment, each individual hair is captured and the hair follicle is gently treated with electricity through the needle tip over the hair shaft. The hair thus falls out quickly and regrowth of hair is no longer possible, as the painless electricity treatment is sufficient to destroy the follicle.

At eden beauty lounge we specialize in permanent hair removal and ensure optimal results with the latest technology and many years of experience. You can also benefit from our service and make a free consultation appointment for permanent hair removal on the buttocks with needle epilation or laser. Needle epilation is our favorite especially when there is light and thin hair or skin with tattoos or birthmarks. But even in intimate areas of the body, needle epilation is often more effective than laser treatment for a perfect result. In a initial consultation, we will clear on your hair removal wishes in the buttock fold and other areas of the body and recommend the best possible treatment for your hair-free skin feeling.

Wellbeing for a lady through needle epilation of the buttocks

Would you like to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation?

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