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Permanent hair removal on the face

Partial hair removal on the face for your well-groomed appearance

Men know the problem: reddened and itchy skin on the neck area often results from regular shaving. For some men, partial hair removal on the face is therefore recommended. Those who have skin that is prone to irritation when shaving and is red and irritated after each shave will be looking for a permanent solution to the problem. Also, men who have very strong beard growth and where the next stubble quickly appears after each shave, consider permanent facial hair removal.

Our method of hair removal for men offers many options. Thus, if desired, we remove the hair on the beard specifically in certain places, so that it no longer grows back. For example, the cheek area can be treated so that it becomes permanently hair-free. In our depilation studio in Luxembourg, we work with the latest laser technology and, if necessary, also use modern electroepilation for efficient results. We are a team of highly trained professionals with many years of experience in facial and body hair removal for men.

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For permanent hair removal for men and women we have the latest high-precision equipment. This allows us to assure you an optimal result. We use the modern treatment with laser as well as the high-quality electrolysis.

The high-frequency laser light is converted into heat by the melanin content of the hair and penetrates up to 11 millimeters into the skin destroying the hair root on the spot. Only in the growth phase can the laser light obliterate the hair follicle, so the hair will not grow back. The surrounding tissue is not damaged during depilation with the laser device.

An integrated cooling system ensures gentle cooling of the skin. Electrolysis, on the other hand, is used when light or fine hair is to be removed or when moles and tattoos in the area of the hair to be removed make treatment with the laser more difficult.

Permanent hair removal of the face with the latest technology

The advantages
of our hair removal methods:

  • The combination of our first-class know-how and our high-tech equipment gives a result that is sure to be successful
  • After the first treatment you can enjoy visible results
  • You will experience a painless and fast treatment
  • We offer you skin protection and treatment comfort. For your facial hair removal, we will make you an individual treatment plan based on your wishes

If your well-groomed appearance is important to you as a man and you are thinking of having some of your facial hair permanently removed, you can always consult us. We will analyze your skin and hair structure and develop an exact treatment plan with you. Especially for facial hair removal that only affects certain areas, expert advice is important.

For example, professional hair removal in the cheek area can make you, as a beard wearer, always look well-groomed and as if freshly shaved. The same applies to the neck area. Here, too, a correction of the beard growth is an excellent solution to save yourself from daily shaving. Permanent hair removal on the face and neck area is a comfortable solution that saves a lot of time. In addition, your skin will benefit in the long run because it will not be constantly irritated by shaving.

Let us remove unwanted facial hair for you

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