Low-pain needle epilation of the eyebrows for men at eden
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Groomed eyebrows instead of monobrow by needle epilation

A well-groomed man of today has an attentive eye for his appearance. Bushy eyebrows are certainly masculine, as long as they do not appear as a monobrow or are spoiled by disturbing single hairs in the overall picture. If you as a man would like to have well-groomed eyebrows without constant plucking treatments, needle epilation is the right choice for your well-being. Get your eyebrows in shape as a man with lasting results and take advantage of our free consultation for your manly groomed look.

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Permanent hair removal for men: shaping eyebrows with needle epilation

If you, as a man, also have to pluck your eyebrows for a well-groomed overall appearance, needle epilation treatment will save you a lot of time in the future. Remove annoying individual hairs and bring your eyebrows permanently in shape, instead of starting from scratch every few weeks. Needle epilation treatment destroys the roots of unwanted hairs and ensures that they cannot grow back. The treatment is simple and efficient, especially when performed by experienced practitioners.

For permanent hair removal on the eyebrows, the laser is rather unsuitable due to its proximity to the eyes. Needle epilation, on the other hand, can be used well not only in the area of the eyes, but also on sensitive skin with light and thin hairs that are not detected by the laser. In addition, the hair removal method can also be used on skin that is decorated with tattoos or has birthmarks. For this purpose, the needle is guided along the natural hair shaft in order to destroy the hair directly at its root. This also destroys the hair follicle as a hair producer and regrowth of the disturbing hair is no longer possible.

At our eden beauty lounge, we will be happy to welcome you for a free consultation, during which we can clarify all questions about permanent hair removal together. Then you book your desired area and come to the needle epilation on the eyebrows according to the previously agreed treatment plan. Gentlemen and ladies with the desire for well-groomed, hair-free skin are in good hands with our professional and experienced practitioners. Take advantage of the benefits of permanent hair removal with needle epilation and laser at affordable prices at eden in our studio in Luxembourg.

Choose beautiful men's eyebrows: Needle epilation at eden

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