Permanent armpit hair removal for women at eden
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Permanent hair removal on the armpits

Have your armpits hair removed professionally and gently

Most women do not feel well-groomed and confident until their underarm hair is removed. Not only in summer, but all year round it is pleasant to be hair-free under the arms. Mostly, it is aesthetic reasons that urge many women to remove their hair in the armpits. However, smooth and hairless armpits also make sense from a hygienic point of view. They are much easier to care for and deodorants work more effectively than when underarm hair is present. Saucy summer tops, airy dresses or daring bikini tops look much more aesthetic and can be worn much more confidently if the armpits are hair-free. Therefore, most women decide to remove hair from their armpits.

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Those who suffer from hair growth in the armpits can decide to shave. However, there is always a risk of injury. In addition, hairs can grow in, or the stubby regrowing hairs cause an unpleasant itching and irritate the sensitive skin of the armpits. In any case, the procedure must be repeated very often, usually after a few days. Armpit hair can also be removed with a depilatory cream. However, ingredients of such creams often cause allergies.

If you perform your underarm hair removal at home on your own by home epilator or treat it with wax for depilation, it is a highly painful action. This area of the body is sensitive and touchable. Professional and permanent depilation in our cosmetic studio will quickly, painlessly and gently rid you of unwanted hair growth in the armpits.

Remove underarm hair and be hair free for a time being

The advantages of our treatment:

In our hair removal studio you can have your hair removed permanently and gently. In the future, abandon the use of razors, cream or wax and at the same time spare your skin.

The treatment is easier, more durable and, due to the permanent effect, less strenuous for the skin than regular epilation or shaving. Trained professionals will quickly and gently rid you of your troublesome hair growth via laser treatment or Elektrolysis.

The beauty is that you'll never have to worry about your underarm hair again, because our treatment is guaranteed to last and leave you looking well-groomed for years to come.

  • Our employees combine outstanding expertise with brand new technology

  • We analyze your hair structure and skin

  • You will receive an individual treatment proposal for the optimal method

  • The methods we use to remove underarm hair are gentle and safe

  • The effect of hair removal is permanent

Before you decide to have your underarm hair permanently removed, you can make sure of our quality during an informative consultation. We determine your hair structure and analyze the skin of your armpits. From this we develop the optimal method for underarm hair removal and your individual treatment plan, in which we can also give you tips for the appropriate skin care.

In general, laser hair removal is suitable for all hair types, but especially for dark hair. If your hair is very fine and very light, Elektrolysis might be more effective. If you want to have your unwanted hair permanently removed, several sessions with laser or epilator are necessary, because we can only remove the hairs that are currently in the growth phase during the treatment. In return, you will love the new, smooth feeling of hair-free armpits and can do without shaving, epilation and other methods of depilation for the future.

Laser underarm hair removal - fast, gentle and safe

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