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Professional hair removal of bikini line

Professional hair removal of bikini line and intimate area quick and pleasant

Gentle and safe hair removal from the bikini line and intimate area can be excellently achieved with laser treatment. In our cosmetic studios for permanent hair removal we perform your intimate hair removal quickly, professionally and safely. During an initial consultation, we will inform you about our methods and create an individual treatment plan for you that will remove your hair and be noticeably gentle on your skin.

In eden beauty lounge a professional team is waiting for you for hair removal in a neat ambience. You will benefit from our great experience and state-of-the-art technology. We work with the high-quality diode laser LightSheer for hair removal. In this process, the hair root is destroyed forever, so that no more hair can grow. The laser light hits the skin and is transmitted by the hair-building substance melanin to the root, where the melanin heats up and destroys the root.

In most cases, only a few sessions are necessary to achieve permanently smooth skin in the bikini area. In return, you can say goodbye not only to regrowing or even ingrown hairs, but also to the time spent shaving, waxing, sugaring and other depilation methods.

Do you have any further questions or would you like to arrange a no obligation consultation? Then please call us on +352 26440749.

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Remove intimate hair permanently and guaranteed

In the intimate area, slightly more treatments are required, as the hair develops in different phases and the special relationship between hair structure and skin in the bikini area requires the utmost care. The result of intimate hair removal is permanent and guarantees that you will save time in the future spent normally on intimate shaving or painful waxing.

Those who like to present themselves in miniature and fashionable swimwear especially enjoy smooth and hair-free skin in the bikini area. However, hair removal from the bikini line and intimate area is not so easy. Women who opt for regular intimate shaving have to deal with cuts, ingrown hairs and itching caused by bristly hairs growing back.

Removing pubic hair with depilatory creams is more gentle, but even here there are problems such as allergic reactions to certain ingredients in the creams. Permanent hair removal for the bikini line and intimate area can be achieved safely, gently and pleasantly with our laser method.

With intimate hair removal you will be hair-free and well-groomed forever

Permanent bikini line and breast hair removal is worth it

Even though permanent hair removal is generally not completely painless, the benefits of this technique are very great. Thanks to our numerous years of practice, as experienced professionals, we analyze your hair structure and skin and suggest the most beneficial treatment.

The laser method is safe and proven and is suitable for all hair types, but especially for dark hair because of the strong heat generated in the dark color. Of course, we offer our best skin and hair removal service not only for women. Men also receive your desired treatment in our depilation studio - the eden beauty lounge - with individual customization of methods for hair-free skin.

For permanent hair removal of the bikini area by Elektrolysis, a slightly longer treatment is necessary. However, it is more effective especially for light hair. Trained electrologists safely guide the epilation needle directly to the root of the hair.

Due to the heat generated during intimate hair removal, a slight tingling sensation is usually felt. Since the skin in the intimate area is sensitive, a short surface anesthesia is often useful to make the treatment as pleasant as possible. Our high-quality care LaOil after the treatment avoids irritation. Your skin will be permanently smooth and hair-free.

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