Hair removal for Him

Permanent hair removal for Him

Permanent hair removal has long ceased to be an issue just for women. Body-conscious men also enjoy hair-free skin that was previously covered by annoying body hair. Their preferences take on various forms: Some men find chest hair pleasant, but would like the hair on their back or shoulders to be carefully and permanently removed. Other men prefer chest hair removal so that their smooth chest shows up their muscles. We at eden offer the right hair removal for almost all instances of body hair using modern methods and would be happy to give you personalised advice, free of charge, for the skin feeling you have always wanted.

Hair-free skin with laser treatment or needle epilation

Modem technology and skilled staff are the mainstay of permanent hair removal at eden beauty lounge. We welcome you to our salons with a feel-good atmosphere, in which a personal consultation takes place before each treatment. A careful skin and hair analysis takes place before the consultation as, for skin health, your skin and hair type must always be considered from an individual point of view.

In men, as well as women, body hair is of a different texture depending on the part of the body concerned: Armpit hair is usually stronger and more firmly rooted than, for example, hair on the upper arms. Hair on the back of some men is like fine down, but in others it is thick and firm, so treatment often has to be individually adapted. During the consultation, we discuss the necessary approach with you, the method we recommend to suit your hair-free wishes, and then we make you the right offer for the respective skin area. In line with your wishes, we can put together a modem men's package in which you determine whether you only want to depilate the back, neck or genital area or else we can offer you the right all-inclusive price for the desired body areas.

Made-to-measure body hair removal

You choose individual body parts or depilation of the whole body depending on what you are looking for. Have abdominal hair removed, your face treated carefully or upper arms freed from bothersome body hair. Treatment with laser or needle epilation is always adapted to your needs. Our modem treatment methods promote a healthy skin, which is also pampered by the cosmetics we use. Depilation for men is painless and a long-lasting alternative to classic depilation methods such as shaving, which is what men are used to doing. In addition, there is the advantage that skin irritations, inflammation and ingrown hair hardly ever arise any more or even disappear completely

We would be happy to welcome you to the eden beauty lounge for a free consultation in a stylish atmosphere, where you can discreetly explain your wishes and questions about permanent hair removal. Moreover, you will benefit from fair prices making permanent hair removal affordable for men as well as women, and for all budgets. Have individual areas of your body depilated or book whole-body sessions, exactly as you wish. Contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.