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Permanent hair removal for women

Permanent hair removal for women is becoming increasingly popular because the result is the soft, smooth skin, that every woman wants. Smooth skin is the beauty ideal that is now within your reach - easily and professionally, over just a few weeks, in the skilled hands of the eden beauty lounge team. Another reason why our customers choose permanent hair removal is that they are tired of short-term, ineffective methods. Get away from regular shaving, waxing and sugaring sessions and put your trust in the latest technology that removes your hair from the root and prevents it from returning.

Permanent hair removal for women on all areas of the body

Be it hair removal on the bikini line, the legs, the armpits or unloved facial hair. You yourself know best where natural body hair bothers you the most. But with our method you can change all that and, at the same time, protect your skin.

Our trained specialist staff will advise you in detail about permanent hair removal on all areas of the body. The devices used in our salon have been developed in such a way that they can be used on all areas of the body.

Choose your favourite women's package for permanent hair removal from areas such as armpits, back, lower legs or face. Our technology can be adapted to your needs - far beyond the adjustments possible on classic home IPL devices.

Do you have any further questions or would you like to arrange a no obligation consultation? Then please call us on +352 26440749.

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This is how permanent hair removal works

With us you have made the right choice. Our methods of depilation are versatile. With most common products, however, the result of hair removal is not permanent. In contrast to conventional methods for domestic use (e.g. shaving, epilation and IPL), the laser system removes annoying or unwanted hair on every part of the body. The root of our hair lies in the follicle which is the growth cell for each individual hair. This is located deep in the skin and undergoes rest, sleep and growth phases. Hair follicles can only be obliterated in the growth phase. Hair growth in terms of numbers is very different depending on the body region.

Several sessions are therefore required to finally obliterate all hair follicles. The interval between treatment sessions and the number of sessions depends on the body region, hair structure and the results you yourself are looking for. Therefore, as a start your hair structure is analysed, because dark hair is structured differently from light hair. Fine, light hair is usually removed using needle epilation, while dark hair can benefit from laser treatment. Your hair may have different qualities in different areas of the body, for example in the bikini line, face or armpits and may require different treatment depending on the area. In order to achieve a perfect result, impulse frequency is individually tailored to your hair type. A laser impulse is aimed at the hair, which is then heated by the melanin pigment in the hair and so passes down to the root. The hair follicle is then destroyed by the heat generated.

Although hair removal cannot remove wrinkles, your skin looks younger and fresher after each treatment. Soft, smooth skin helps create a youthful and healthy appearance. Of course, skin-care measures in combination with hair removal also ensure a younger complexion.

The active ingredients of selected cosmetics, which are used before and after each treatment, penetrate the upper layers of your skin and provide it with important nutrients and moisture - an important prerequisite for keeping your skin firm. If you are looking for skin rejuvenation, talk to us about further skin-care.

Is permanent hair removal a method for skin rejuvenation?

Advantages over conventional hair removal

Shaving can damage your skin and hair that grows back can cause inflammation. Waxing is painful, and the result is also not very long-lasting. Depilatory cream is less painful, but your hair will still grow back quickly.

If you want to achieve a long-term result, permanent hair removal is a sensible alternative for women, as well as for men. Rid yourself of annoying hair and give up frequent repetitive attempts to achieve a youthful look. For more information on treatment costs, see Prices.

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