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Laser epilation for permanent hair removal

What is laser epilation?

Treatment with the latest laser technology will save you time, hassle and money in the future. Painless treatment replaces the pain of waxing, eliminates weekly - sometimes even daily - shaving and makes ingrown hair and stubble a thing of the past.

What benefits make you recommend laser hair removal?

While permanent hair removal on the body or individual body areas has long been considered the beauty trend for the rich and beautiful, today it is one of the widespread trends that has become a profession available for men and women of all ages and every social class. More and more body-conscious people are opting for permanent hair removal from armpits, legs, genital area or back and chest. The pleasant skin feeling and comfortable treatment are crowned by permanently silky smooth, soft skin.

Permanent laser hair removal offers the user more than just freedom from shaving, depilatory creams, waxing and unwanted hair. With more than 20 years of experience and research, modern laser hair removal devices have proven sustainable effectiveness for skin health and body feeling.

Nevertheless, to this day there are numerous misconceptions about permanent laser hair removal treatment, but which medical experts and clinical studies have confirmed to be effective, harmless and gentle on the skin when used in professional hair removal salons.

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Misconception no. 1: Permanent hair removal creates scars.

Scars can only occur during laser treatment when the powerful devices are improperly used. For this reason, staff at a good salon are professionally trained in permanent laser hair removal in order to be allowed to work with modern laser technology. These devices have individual adjustment options for different hair and skin types, integrated cooling and a type of artificial intelligence that all help avoid incorrect usage. Such laser devices are not allowed for home use, which is why IPL devices are available in stores for self-treatment, but they are significantly less powerful.

Misconception no. 2: Laser treatment stresses internal organs and damages health.

Modern laser devices are designed in such a way that their application does not allow the laser light beam to penetrate deeper skin and body layers. The laser light only acts on hair follicles in the upper layers of the skin. Slight reddening of the skin, similar to that of prolonged exposure to the sun, may develop during treatment. However, this usually goes away completely after a few hours.

Misconception no. 3: Laser hair removal is painful.

Since people experience pain very individually, treatment with laser light is also felt in different ways. However, thanks to the knowledge and further developments over decades, modern laser devices ensure gentle and painless treatment that is so specifically tailored to the characteristics of natural hair and skin structure that an efficient result is obtained with the least possible stress.

Misconception no. 4: With laser hair removal, the skin is hair-free forever after just one single session.

Body hair does not develop and grow at the same time, but in different development phases. Hair develops in a follicle in three growth phases: In the development phase, hair develops and finally matures in the growth phase. It falls out in the third phase. If a hair is to be successfully treated with laser depilation, it must be in a mature hair follicle. During treatment, the laser does not therefore reach all hair follicles and deactivate their natural functioning.

The number of subsequent treatments necessary for complete hairlessness depends on the individual and the body area in question. This is why treatment in a professional institute is preceded by a comprehensive consultation and explanations based on a hair and skin analysis. For many body areas, around six sessions are sufficient to completely rid the skin of unwanted hair.

Misconception no. 5: Laser hair removal increases the risk of skin cancer.

Laser hair removal treatment does not project cancer-causing rays onto the skin. The risk of cancer from light sources comes primarily from so-called UV rays, which are what is in sunlight and at the solarium and affects skin pigmentation. Since the laser light is not UV light, there is also no increased risk of developing skin cancer through permanent hair removal.

Misconception no. 6: Hair grows thicker and stronger after laser treatment.

This fallacy stems from the experience of some people whose evenly cut hair on the head or body appears to have a thicker and stronger structure. Cutting with a razor or scissors, however, ensures that the fine ends of the hair are cut off, making the new hair tips appear stronger.

However, permanent laser hair removal does not stimulate hair growth, on the contrary, it reduces it: Hair grows back significantly thinner and softer and in fewer numbers in hair follicles that have not been deactivated.

When is laser hair removal not possible?

Almost every sort of treatment used on the body has contraindications that render its usage impossible. For example, laser treatment is unsuitable if you are pregnant, if you have severe vein problems or if you have an electronic implant (e.g. a pacemaker). Laser treatment cannot be carried out either if you are taking medication that has an influence on blood coagulation (e.g. Marcumar, Acutan, long-term use of acetylsalicylic acid) or sensitivity to light (especially St. John's wort preparations).

Other light-sensitizing preparations (antidepressants, antibiotics, sometimes also neuroleptics) should not be taken for two weeks before the start of any treatment. Extensive sunbathing and solarium visits should also be avoided prior to treatment.

Basically, every part of the body can be treated by laser.

The safe use of modern equipment depends on taking the necessary precautionary measures and the suitability of laser treatment for the individual hair and skin situation. Even sensitive body areas such as the upper lip, armpits or the genital area can be depilated with laser treatment.

For which areas of the body is permanent hair removal the answer?

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