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FAQ - Frequently asked questions about permanent hair removal and Electrolysis

Most frequently asked questions about permanent hair removal

Application examples for treatment with Light Sheer - Diode Laser

Laser treatment is suitable for men and women; for example, for areas of the

  • upper lip
  • chin
  • face
  • bikini line
  • arms
  • legs
  • back
  • abdomen
  • chest
  • intimate area
  • armpits
  • shoulders
  • thighs
How should you prepare for the treatment with Light Sheer - Diode Laser?

Please come to the first appointment (consultation) unshaven, so that the structure of the hair can be analyzed and, if necessary, documented with a photo.

Shave the day before the treatment so that any irritation of the skin has calmed down by the time of the appointment.

Avoid intense sun exposure (natural sun and/or solarium) for about 2 weeks before and after the treatment. If sun exposure is unavoidable, be sure to apply sunblock (SPF 30+) to the skin in the areas to be treated.

During the week before and after the treatment, consume an adequate amount of liquid (2 liters/day). These preparation recommendations apply equally to men and women before the treatment with the laser method.

How does the treatment with Light Sheer - Diode Laser proceed?

The area to be treated is first marked with a white pen and thinly coated with gel by specially trained therapists.

The handle of the Light Sheer - Diode Laser system is placed on the skin to capture the hair for permanent removal. The patient's eyes are protected by protection glasses. The protection glasses must not be removed until the end of the treatment. A slight tingling feeling is perceived on the skin as the light pulse is released.

Both small and large areas can be treated in each session. In general, however, several sessions (usually 6) are normally necessary, as only the hair follicles that are in the growth phase of the hair (anagen phase) at that exact time can be destroyed during the respective epilation.

Are the areas treated with Light Sheer - Diode Laser hair-free forever?

An absolute guarantee cannot be given. However, the probability is very high, as the system in use delivers optimum performance.

Comparisons with other devices used on the market (for example, commercially widespread IPL devices) have shown that the procedure with which you are treated automatically adjusts to different skin depths and types, works in exactly right wavelength range and quite significantly with exactly the energy that particularly your skin tolerates very well.

Nevertheless, after years of being hair-free, slightest hair growth may occur again in treated areas. Triggers can be hormone balance disorders or changes in it. Another possibility is growth from hair roots that have never produced hair before (dormant follicles).

A visit to your eden beauty lounge will ensure rapid elimination of newly appearing hair and tiny hairs.

What should you pay attention to after the treatment with Light Sheer - Diode Laser?

The energy delivered to the skin may cause a slight reddening, which is equal to a very light sunburn. This effect on the skin usually disappears completely within a few hours.

Give your skin enough time to regenerate after the treatment and avoid any additional impact. Discuss additional care measures with your therapist, who can offer you tips suitable for the method used for men and women.

What side effects are possible from the treatment?

Several hours after the treatment, the skin feels like after an intense sunbath after the hair has been removed. A possible slight reddening of the skin is absolutely normal, but it already fades after a few hours.

In rare cases treated areas may appear slightly darker after the treatment procedure. This pigment shift usually normalizes by itself. However, in certain skin types, this may occur with a delay of up to 12 months.

The most important precaution to exclude pigment changes is sun protection before and 2 weeks after the treatment. Just avoid direct sun and solarium. Use sunscreen with SPF 30. Your skin will thank you in any case.

When is treatment with LightSheer - Diode Laser not appropriate?
  • in case of severe circulatory disorders
  • extensive venous disorders
  • use of Macumar or Accutane
  • continuous use of aspirin, antidepressants (St. John's wort products, etc.)
  • cortisone
  • anabolic steroids
  • drugs, (after consultation with the doctor)
  • in case of pregnancy
  • pacemakers and other electronic implants
  • In case of pigment changes after taking light-sensitizing agents, the treatment should be delayed (approx. 2 weeks).
  • as well as in case of fresh tanning
How many sessions are necessary with Light Sheer - Diode Laser?

Depending on the hair color and skin type, a different number of treatments is necessary. However, several treatments are always needed.

As mentioned above, only part of the hair follicles are in treatable condition, that is why we include several sessions in your treatment plan for complete hair removal over a period of several weeks.

Most frequently asked questions about Electrolysis

After the removal of hair by Electrolysis to avoid
  • touching or scratching the treated region
  • use of soap, deodorants, oily substances and make-up products (24-48 hrs)
  • friction of any kind
  • touching the pustules
  • UV radiation - 24 hrs before and 48 hrs after the treatment
  • too hot baths
  • perfume- or alcohol containing products

In case of any abnormalities of the skin after the electroepliation feel free to ask your therapist for tips on further treatment of the skin.

After the removal of hair by Electrolysis recommended

Blood stasis may occur after the treatment.

  • cold water applications
  • warm baths with soda and Epsom salts,
  • disinfection in regions prone to infection (24 hrs)
  • application of a soothing lotion

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