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Permanent hair removal in Luxembourg

Modern laser light technology bringing you the hair-free feel

  • Does hair on your face or body worry you?
  • Would you like to do away with ingrown hair and scratchy stubble?
  • Möchten Sie auf eingewachsene Haare und kratzige Stoppeln verzichten?

Then at the eden beauty lounge in Luxembourg you are at the right address.

With state-of-the-art technology and pain-free treatment, we offer you the pleasure of well-cared for permanently hair-free and smooth skin. Our company has specialised in permanent hair removal for over 10 years. Come and visit our modern salon in Luxembourg City with innovative treatment using laser light technology and electroepilation for hair-free and healthy skin.

Contact us easily via our customer service phone, social media or email for your free consultation at the eden beauty lounge in Luxembourg.

Smooth skin for women and men from Luxembourg and surrounding areas

Luxembourg is a country that offers remarkably good quality of life known across the whole of Europe. The capital city is not only considered the safest city in the world, but also an important location for research and innovation. Cultural and social events are celebrated and refined for the people of the region. The demands that people in Luxembourg and surrounding areas place on goods and services are correspondingly high.

With the permanent hair removal offered by eden beauty lounge, we would like to bring you modern body care to an equally high standard. Using the latest laser light technology from the world market leader Lumenis, we and our team bring permanent hair removal in Luxembourg City to a new level, providing you with the best possible care for your hair removal needs.

Come to our modern salon in Luxembourg for a free consultation as to personalised options for a new hair-free feeling. A stylish atmosphere, professional treatment and discretion form an appropriate combination in which we focus on skin health and treatment comfort. After a free consultation, in which a hair and skin analysis is carried out, we recommend the right treatment for the hair removal you are looking for.

Experience a new skin feeling after permanent hair removal in Luxembourg at eden beauty lounge, your hair removal specialist.

How does permanent hair removal work in Luxembourg?

If you are interested in permanent hair removal in Luxembourg, all you have to do is arrange a free and non-binding consultation via email, a message on social media or by telephone. On appointment, you come and visit us in the eden beauty lounge, where our staff will be happy to welcome you.

First, you explain to us what your permanent hair removal wishes are. Our staff then carry out a free hair and skin analysis on the body area you designate in order to provide you with a personalised assessment of laser light technology or needle-epilation treatments that can be offered and to give you a realistic estimation of how it could look afterwards. If you are unsure, you can also ask questions or request a short treatment test.

If you agree with the recommendations, a personal treatment plan will be drawn up. Of course, you will be provided with full information on treatment risks and counter-indications. In addition, we will tell about our current offers, the costs involved and possible financing options if you are looking to treat larger body areas or several areas and prefer to pay in instalments. We then move on to fixing appointments for the treatment.

You come to your treatment session with your skin shaved in the area of the body to be depilated. We always provide protective glasses throughout the session to protect your eyes from the laser light. Our staff then moisten the area of the body where permanent hair removal is to be carried out using our high-quality LaOil skin protection gel in order to protect the surrounding skin from the laser radiation.

The staff member then glides the diode-laser hand device over the skin. The hair growth cells are heated by the thermal energy of the laser light beam and this destroys them. As a result, the remaining pieces of hair fall out at the root and no longer grow back due to deactivation of the follicle. However, hair growth is delayed throughout the body and follicles can then only be detected in their growth phase. This is why several sessions are spread over a few weeks so that all hair follicles are deactivated in the desired body area.

If laser light technology is not suitable for your hair removal needs, we offer you modern electro-needle epilation. An electrical pulse is used with a delicate cannula up to the follicle in the hair growth channel in order to deactivate hair growth cells directly. Here, too, the hair falls out and does not grow back.

In the eden beauty lounge in Luxembourg, during permanent hair removal, your well-being and skin health are paramount. The treatment is pain-free and efficient, but the treatment intensity can be adjusted or treatment interrupted if needed. Of course, we are available to answer any questions you may have before, during and after the treatment.

The permanent hair removal process in eden beauty lounge

  •  You make an appointment for a free consultation at our Luxembourg salon
  • Personal consultation takes place with hair and skin analysis
  • Questions relating to skin care and the treatment are clarified
  • You make a decision based on advice given on laser light technology and needle epilation
  • Your treatment plan is drawn up
  • You are advised on permanent hair removal costs and how to cover these (e.g. treatment packages, making use of special offers, financing, etc.)
  • Agreement is reached on treatment appointments as per treatment plan
  • Treatment takes place with up to 6 sessions per body area (more sessions only in exceptional cases)
Benefits of permanent hair removal

Enjoy permanent hair freedom in Luxembourg

Laserepilation an einer in einem Behandlungsstuhl liegenden Frau
State-of-the-art technology instead of shaving and waxing

While waxing and shaving only result in a temporary hair-free solution, permanent hair removal with modern laser light technology ensures permanently smooth and hair-free skin. At eden beauty lounge in Luxembourg, as in all our other locations, we use the innovative LightSheer Duet diode laser system - the latest generation model from the world market leader Lumenis with FDA certification - which is also used in aesthetic medicine.

This results in the best hair-free, healthy skin through individual device settings adapted to the client’s skin and hair structure. There are just some exceptional cases where laser treatment may be unsuitable, for example for light hair on light skin or where birthmarks or tattoos do not allow the laser to focus. In such cases we can offer you a high-quality alternative using a superior electro epilator.

Laser light treatment is particularly pain-free and at the same time gentle on the skin. The light pulse penetrates the skin easily and produces heat energy on the hair follicle due to the colour contrast between hair and skin, and so the hair follicles in the treated area are destroyed without stressing the surrounding body tissue. Existing residual hair simply falls out of the hair growth cell and can no longer grow back. As a result, the formation of stubble and ingrown hair is now a thing of the past. If the skin is sensitive, temporary skin irritation may occur after treatment but which, just like sunburn, quickly goes away.

In addition, our modern LightSheer diode laser is used in combination with our innovative skin protection gel LaOil, which provides additional protection for surrounding skin areas against stress caused by the laser. Even large areas on the back or chest can be freed from unwanted hair quickly and efficiently.

In addition to laser epilation, we use electro epilation for permanent hair removal in Luxembourg if laser treatment cannot achieve the desired results. A fine cannula is inserted along the natural hair shaft right to the hair root in order to remove individual hairs in a targeted manner. With this method, too, hair no longer grows back as the follicles have been destroyed. Needle epilation can also be used on birthmarks, tattoos or very light hair.

The advantages of permanent hair removal
You benefit from:
Advantages of hair removal Advantages of the LightSheer diode laser
permanent results that eliminate the need for shaving and waxing reliable and permanent results due to high performance
protection for skin health

best possible skin protection and high treatment comfort

no stubble, no ingrown hairs treatment is pain-free and gentle
improved skin structure for fine-pored and smooth skin only a small number of time-saving sessions required
  carries FDA safety and quality certification
Best results, low cost: Permanent hair removal in Luxembourg

Most of our customers are initially unsure about the cost of permanent hair removal, which is still thought to be expensive when performed with laser light technology. But that need not be. We not only offer you individually tailored packages, but also regular special offers and financing options. We want everyone to be able to afford permanent hair removal when necessary.

For this reason and for your safety, a detailed, free consultation takes place before any treatment. Before the consultation, we generally only give a rough guide to pricing, as the costs incurred depend on the extent of treatment. It may be that not all six sessions, but only three, are necessary for the result you are looking for. In exceptional cases, the number of sessions can be higher. At the consultation we discuss your hair removal wishes and finalise by explaining the resultant costing. Naturally, we offer you various financing models to match, which can also include in-house or external instalment plans.

Your safety and health is important to us, but so is a high level of transparency in cost planning. After the consultation, you can take the time to think over the cost of permanent hair removal in Luxembourg before you book your appointments based on the recommended treatment plan. Take advantage of our low-priced packages for permanent laser-light technology hair removal or choose electro-needle epilation, which is billed by the minute. Our trained staff at eden beauty lounge are at your disposal to answer all your questions in detail.

How do we work and what sets us apart from others?

  • Comprehensive explanation of the treatment methods in question - including advantages and disadvantages

  • Detailed advice on all aspects of costs, from special prices to volume discounts

  • We pay attention to your skin health: If a treatment is not suitable, it will not be carried out.

  • Detailed advice on the number of treatments required depending on skin type, hormonal situation, etc.

  • Appointments are only booked after a comprehensive consultation

  • No treatment before a detailed consultation: We give you all the information you need, then you decide.

Permanent hair removal

Permanent hair removal in Luxembourg: Book your smooth skin appointment now!

Are you interested in permanent hair removal using laser technology? At eden beauty lounge in Luxembourg, we provide you with comprehensive, individual and personalised information as to your options for permanently smooth skin. Set up your free consultation today and come and visit our salon in Luxembourg City. Take advantage of our many years of experience in personalised permanent hair removal.

For free advice

Give us a call and find out more today about permanent hair removal with laser light technology or needle epilation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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