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Permanent hair removal in the intimate area

Gentle hair removal in the intimate area

If you are considering permanent hair removal in the intimate area, you have come to the right place at eden beauty lounge. We are a team of professionals with extensive experience in body hair removal.

Using the latest technology and with the confidence of years of practice, we will gently and sustainably remove your unwanted hair. Permanent hair removal in the intimate area saves you from regular shaving, painful hair removal with wax and even more painful hair removal at home with an epilator. Our modern laser method is safe and long proven.

Do you have any further questions or would you like to arrange a no obligation consultation? Then please call us on +352 26440749.

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Hair removal in the intimate area has many advantages

For many men and women, the desire for intimate hair removal has hygienic backgrounds. Very often it is about aesthetics, but religious reasons can also play a role. Already in ancient times there was intimate shaving, at that time it was performed with shells and stones. Some people very much prefer the feeling of body after hair removal in the intimate area and therefore regularly shave their pubic hair.

Women who like to wear miniature bikinis especially enjoy it when their skin in the intimate area is completely hair-free and smooth. But men also enjoy smooth skin with modern methods, which are implemented in our specially coordinated treatment gentle for the skin and effective for the removal of hair.

Shaving or waxing can remove pubic hair, but it always grows back and requires regular treatment. When shaving, there is always a risk of cuts, skin irritation and ingrown hairs. In addition, shaved hairs grow back faster and stronger, which often causes itching.

Shaving must then be carried out at increasingly shorter intervals. Intimate hair removal can also be carried out with a special depilatory cream, but allergic reactions in the pubic hair area can be the unpleasant consequence, as the men skin is extremely sensitive, especially on the testicles and in the intimate area around them.

Those who perform their depilation at home with an epilator, on the other hand, must take into account a painful procedure that often results in injuries, as the firm hair structure and the sensitive skin form a difficult contrast when removing the hair.

Laser epilation in the intimate area permanently frees you from your pubic hair

Gentle removal of hair from the intimate area

Our gentle method of laser hair removal combines the latest technology with excellent routine of our staff. We work with the latest technology and offer you a permanent and success-assured hair removal. Hair removal in the intimate area should be performed with as little pain as possible for both men and women, because this area of the body is sensitive to touch.

We recommend our patients a surface anesthesia by means of special creams. With permanent intimate hair removal, you will save yourself all further hair removal with razor and depilatory cream in the future and can always enjoy your smooth and hair-free skin in the intimate area.

Would you like to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation?

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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