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Hair removal for female breasts

Hair removal of breast and abdomen for women

Often kept quiet among women, not only men are affected by breast hair. The desire for hair removal for the chest and abdomen is respectively widespread. However, while most ladies have only delicate hairs on the chest, there are also women who have only isolated, but visible, darker chest hair. Because of this, the beautiful appearance of the female breast is often considered to be diminished and many women suffer silently from the problem of having to regularly pull out a pair of tweezers. These hairs usually grow back very quickly and have to be removed again and again.

The cause is mostly a high level of male hormones, which can not always be changed even by hormonal treatment in relation to breast hair. However, the hair removal of the breast by regular shaving or plucking is not only annoying with the skin so sensitive here, but quickly leads to inflammation and skin irritation, because the skin of the female breast is often very delicate and sensitive. We at eden beauty lounge would like to help you as a specialized institute for professional hair removal and let you forget about the issue of breast hair on a female body.

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The rapid regrowth of hair after shaving or plucking on the one hand creates the risk of inflammation due to ingrowth, and on the other hand, injuries to the hair root caused by manual chest hair removal can become a gateway for bacteria. Instead of manual removal, it is possible to have the hair lasered away.

With expertly performed laser treatment, permanent hair removal on the breast and abdomen can be quickly implemented. Often, only one session is necessary to permanently remove the single, yet disturbing hairs on the lady's breast.

The laser destroys the root of the hair on the breast, making it impossible for the hair to grow back. Hair removal on the lower abdomen, for example from the intimate area to the belly button, is also implemented in an uncomplicated manner by the competent treatment in our cosmetic studio.

Professional hair removal on the breast

Breast hair removal by shaving,
plucking and laser


  • Fast and thorough
  • Easy to perform on your own

  • Hair grows back quickly
  • Risk of inflammation and skin irritation

Plucking or waxing

  • Easy to perform on your own
  • Removal of the hair at the root, thus longer regrowth times with appropriate follow-up care
  • Can be implemented quickly and easily with little hair

  • Skin becomes severely irritated

  • Generally only works on hair
    which are already a few millimeters long


  • Permanent removal of even fine hairs
  • Professional treatment by competent team
  • No regrowth
  • Hygienic hair removal from the breast without inflammation and skin irritation
  • No post-treatment necessary besides classic body care

For hair removal on the breast, abdomen and all areas of the body where you want to get rid of annoying body hair, we know how to support you with the optimal treatment methods. However, professional laser treatment can not only rid you of body hair in the long term, but also significantly support skin rejuvenation:

For example, acne scars and enlarged pores can be reduced, and the skin itself can be given a fresher appearance. In addition, your skin will benefit from the high-quality care that is implemented by trained hands. The special advantage, however, is that the hair is permanently removed with the laser and you experience the well-being of hair-free skin on the female body.

In our cosmetic studio in Luxembourg, we offer permanent hair removal on the breast, abdomen, intimate area and other body regions for men and women with our competent team. We perform the permanent hair removal for you with modern laser technology or Elektrolysis from expert hands. In addition, we are happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on the various treatment methods and tips on optimal care. Our goal is simple: with our service we want to support you so that you feel beautiful and comfortable!

Skin rejuvenation through laser treatment

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