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Content of the Contract:

The scope and content of the treatment contract concluded between EDEN BEAUTY LOUNGE and the customer is based on what is laid down in writing in the treatment contract.


Liability for health impairments suffered by the customer in the course of the treatment contract is limited to a maximum amount of EUR 2 million. This corresponds to the limit of indemnity under the existing public liability insurance. This limit of indemnity does not apply if it can be proven that EDEN BEAUTY LOUNGE acted with gross negligence or wilful intent. Compensation for loss or injury or claims for pain and suffering can only be asserted against EDEN BEAUTY LOUNGE if the customer has followed all the instructions of the specialist staff, in particular wearing protective goggles for the duration of each treatment session. Liability is also excluded if the customer knowingly provided incorrect information regarding previous health problems at the time the treatment contract was concluded, despite questions put to them. Liability is further excluded if the customer has demonstrably not followed the instructions regarding preparing for each treatment session (in particular drinking at least 2 litres of fluid a day, shaving, etc.) as well as for the period after the treatment (in particular not sunbathing nor going to the solarium).

If the treatment is carried out professionally, there are certain residual risks, such as the following complications in rare cases: Reddening of the skin - Pigmentation disorders (especially in the case of hyper- and/or hypopigmentation)

Customer right of withdrawal during a course of treatment involving various individual sessions:

The customer has the right at any time during a course of treatment involving several individual sessions, to withdraw from the agreed treatment contract without giving reasons.

If a treatment contract involving several individual sessions has been concluded between the parties, the customer undertakes to pay a flat-rate compensation of 20% of the total price of the remaining unused sessions. When booking special offer packages (with price reduction), the flat-rate compensation increases to 30% of the total price of the remaining unused sessions, in the event of withdrawal during the course of individual sessions. In all cases, the customer has the right to bring evidence that EDEN BEAUTY LOUNGE had actually suffered a loss amounting to less.

If an instalment payment agreement has been concluded with the customer, the above regulations shall apply accordingly.

Said flat-rate compensation, as well as any remaining amounts due on sessions that have already taken place, are due for payment immediately upon declaration of withdrawal. In the event of premature termination of the treatment contract, EDEN BEAUTY LOUNGE can offset its claim against any reimbursement claims that the customer may have.

Treatment appointments:

EDEN BEAUTY LOUNGE agrees a fixed treatment appointment with the customer and is responsible for the proper provision of staff and technology. An appointment can only be postponed free of charge if this is done at least 24 hours before the agreed appointment. Short notice cancellations or missed appointments for which EDEN BEAUTY LOUNGE is not responsible will be charged with a flat fee of €75 to be paid at the next appointment.

Other provisions:

a) Side agreements must be in writing, and the same applies if these are cancelled.

b) Should individual provisions of the General Terms and Conditions be unworkable, this does not render the remaining provisions ineffective. In such cases, the contracting parties must rephrase or redesign the General Terms and Conditions in such a way that the economic benefit aimed at with the provision in question is achieved as far as possible.