Permanent hair removal of the arms for women at eden
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Effective hair removal on the arms

How our professional hair removal makes your arms beautiful

If you are disturbed by hair growth on your arms and feel restricted in your quality of life, you have come to the right place. Our expert staff are experienced in particularly gentle and careful methods of hair removal for arms, legs and other areas of the body. Especially on the outside of the forearms often sprout more or less strong hair and tiny hairs and often disturb women so much that they want to shave them quickly or see them removed differently.

To look well-groomed and feminine, many women want professional hair removal of the arms. As an experienced team, we perform professional hair removal in our specialized cosmetic institute, which will make you permanently and safely forget about your unwanted hair growth. During a detailed consultation you will learn more about our individual treatments and get answers to your questions about smooth skin on your arms. We will inform you about the hair removal procedure, analyze your hair structure and invite you to a free test session.

We are first-class trained professionals and work with the latest technology. Hair removal is done by means of high frequency elektrolysis. Our epilator Apilus Senior from the Dectro company offers you, if you wish to have your arm hair removed, the highest comfort to imagine. We also have modern laser systems for permanent hair removal available in our eden beauty lounge.

Do you have any further questions or would you like to arrange a no obligation consultation? Then please call us on +352 26440749.

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Our professional hair removal will make your arms smooth and silky for time to last – we guarantee this with our proven and safe method. You will benefit from our experience. Whether it is the exact analysis of the hair texture, the knowledge of the different growth phases of your hair or the adept handling of the epilation needle.

We offer you the highest quality. Before we remove hair from your arms or legs, we carefully clarify any risk factors with you, such as diabetes, thrombosis or vein problems. We also offer you tips on optimal skin care and ensure that in the future you can well and gladly do without the use of depilatory cream, razors and epilators for the benefit of your skin.

Our hair removal will make your arms silky soft permanently

The advantages and results of our method:

  • It offers ideal conditions for any type of hair
  • Electromagnetic short waves cause a quick result
  • Individual treatment possible due to precise programming of the device
  • Through perfectly trained professionals and through the exclusive equipment, we achieve optimal results
  • It generally only takes a few sessions to remove your arm hair
  • There is no regrowth, your arms remain smooth and hair free

Saucy T-shirts, stylish blouses or sophisticated summer dresses look much more tempting when you can present yourself with silky smooth lower and upper arms. A suntan looks simply gorgeous on hair-free skin. With our modern method of laser epilation, your unwanted hair and hairs on your arms are permanently removed. There is no regrowth when you have your hair lasered away with us, your arms will be smooth and hairless at all times in the future. So it is worth it when you pamper and beautify your arms with hair removal.

You have more questions about hair and skin of your arms? We offer you the alternative to shaving, epilating, waxing and stubble. We will give you answers and silky smooth skin for your well-being.

Removing arm hair is worth it!

Would you like to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation?

You can reach us at +352 26440749 or send us an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We look forward to hearing from you.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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