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Look well-groomed with needle epilation on the neck

If you are one of those gentlemen who like to look good and well-groomed, you certainly appreciate the neatly shaved neck after a visit to the hairdresser. But while the hairstyle on the head looks quite elegant for some time, in the neck area annoying hairs usually come back quickly, which not only disturb the overall appearance, but are unpleasant due to irregular or even stubbly growth. With needle epilation for men, neck can always look like freshly shaved in the future. This way you can enjoy the well-groomed feeling for long due to permanent hair removal.

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With needle epilation to smooth skin

How often do you run your hand down the back of your neck when the smooth skin turns into an unappealing stubble. Most often, this process begins a few days after a visit to the barber and annoys almost every man. With needle epilation you put an end to this. Through the treatment by your hair removal specialist, you ensure permanently smooth skin, which promotes your well-being in the long term.

In needle epilation, an electric needle is gently passed through the hair growth shaft to the hair root. There, a electric impulse causes the hair follicle to die. The hair falls out and regrowth is prevented by the inability of the follicle to function. Therefore in the future you will not only have a smooth and neatly groomed neck, but you will not have to fear skin irritation from shaving or ingrown hairs either. With needle epilation, even fine and light hairs can be removed easily and permanently if light treatment is not possible due to the delicate hair structure. Even birthmarks or tattoos are no obstacle for permanent hair removal with needle epilation.

You too can benefit from our smart offers for your hair-free and well-groomed skin. Book needle epilation on the neck or other areas of the body for men after you have been comprehensively informed in our free consultation. We will be happy to answer your questions about permanent hair removal and offer you the individually suitable treatment with laser or needle epilation, so that you can feel completely comfortable in your smooth skin in the future. Call us or write to us. We look forward to your visit to eden beauty lounge as your specialist for hair removal with permanent results.

Smooth men neck by permanent hair removal

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