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The most important mis­con­ceptions about laser hair removal

Permanent depilation of the entire body or individual body regions is trending. More and more women and men opt for permanent hair removal on legs and arms, on the back and in the genital area. Lots of people are enthusiastic about the pleasantly comfortable body sensation that comes from smooth and soft skin. Laser hair removal eliminates unwanted hair growth permanently and gently, so you can put razor or depilatory cream hair removal out of your mind for good. Regrowing stubble and skin irritation are things of the past.

Permanent laser hair removal has been known for over 20 years, and its lasting effectiveness has been confirmed by research. But there are still reservations and myths about the supposed risks. Medical findings and clinical studies show that professional salon hair removal is gentle, effective and harmless to health.

Permanent salon hair removal, carried out by professionals using the latest technology, does not harm the skin, so there can be no scars. Modern devices all have cooling and a type of artificial intelligence.

Misconception no. 1:
Professional hair removal causes scars on the skin

Misconception no. 2:
Laser hair removal affects the internal organs and thus harms health

The laser beams only affect the hair follicles and do not penetrate into deeper layers of the skin and body. A slight reddening of the skin may occur after treatment. It is rather like the redness after prolonged exposure to the sun and usually disappears completely after a few hours.

The sensation of pain varies from person to person. This is why different people experience permanent laser hair removal laser differently on their skin. A slight burning and tingling sensation cannot be ruled out. However, today's laser technology scores with the highest quality and removes the hair gently and very painlessly. Dermatologists and laser manufacturers have continuously optimised laser devices so that today highly sophisticated devices are used.

Misconception no. 3:
The laser hair removal process brings pain with it

Misconception no. 4:
Only one session is needed to make the skin permanently hair-free

For permanent hair removal, several sessions are necessary to achieve lasting success. Only the hairs that are now at the mature stage (growth phase) can be removed at the time of treatment. Therefore, the process must be repeated several times, only then will all hairs be reached. How many sessions and how long it takes varies from body zone to body zone, and still depends on various factors. We will be happy to advise you.

Laser treatment for hair removal does not spread carcinogenic rays. Excessive exposure to the sun or frequent visits to the tanning salon, on the other hand, expose the skin to ultraviolet rays, which definitely carry a cancer risk.

Misconception no. 5:
Laser hair removal increases the risk of developing skin cancer

Misconception no. 6:
After laser treatment, the hair grows back lusher and thicker

This myth stems from the realisation that evenly cut hair, for example hair on the head, appear to get thicker. But this is only a visual snapshot. Permanent hair removal by laser does not stimulate hair growth at all. On the contrary, after laser treatment the hair grows back softer, thinner and less numerous.