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Help for excessive body hair - Hirsutism

Women who have a lot of hair all over their body generally suffer a great deal because of how they look, the medical term for this is hirsutism. Depending on the extent and strength of the hair covering their body, the suffering endured by the woman affected can be enormous and fundamentally affect her sense of well-being.

In some cases, help is available by taking medications designed to reduce excessive hair. However, if medicinal treatment is not successful, needle and electroepilation or laser treatment is recommended to reduce excessive body hair in women.

Eden offers proven and gentle procedures to carefully and permanently remove annoyingly excessive body hair.

Excessive body hair in women appears on many parts of the body and upsets a woman’s feeling of well-being and femininity. The face, cleavage and breast area can be affected by hirsutism, but also the back and abdomen, thighs and forearms. Most of the time, no recognisable medical reasons can be found. Hormonal changes during puberty, during pregnancy or at the time of the menopause often cause excess hair.

Certain diseases can also trigger excessive body hair in women, for example the so-called polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). During this process, the ovaries produce an excessive level of male hormones. Excessive hair can also come about through an enzyme defect of the adrenal gland, the so-called adrenogenital syndrome (AGS), or when taking certain medicines. Androgens, such as those used in doping, also generally promote increased male-like hair growth in women.

Excessive hair growth in women is the result of various causes

Permanently hair-free with needle and electroepilation or laser treatment

A dermatologist or gynaecologist should always be consulted first for a medical diagnosis and a medicinal therapy plan Fortunately, if medicinal therapy is not successful, there are other effective ways to help. At eden, our professional staff perform depilation with needle and electroepilation or by laser. After treatment, the skin areas treated are permanently hair-free and smooth, which is a great relief for many women.

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