The benefits of LightSheer diode lasers

Gently and permanently hair-free with the latest technology

Showing off a smooth, hair-free body is fun, not only in summer. Skin on the arms and legs, on the face and armpits, on the chest and abdomen looks well-groomed and feels velvety without any disturbing hair growth. With the state-of-the-art technology of the new Lightsheer diode lasers, unwanted hair can be removed quickly and successfully. Experienced experts at eden in Luxembourg perform hair removal with little pain and which is gentle on the skin. This method corresponds to the latest scientific knowledge. It scores well because it requires just a few sessions and is a comfortable process that can be precisely adapted to every type of skin and hair. Innovation is the result of many years of research. Its efficacy has been awarded a safety and quality certificate by the American Food and Drug Administration FDA


Advantages of the LightSheer diode laser

The long-pulsed LightSheer diode laser system works effectively with diode laser light and with the support of special vacuum technology - a new approach in definitive epilation. With this system, larger areas of the body can be depilated with less pain and in less time than before. Especially when larger areas of the body are to be permanently hair-free, an effective, fast treatment and a small number of session are major plus points.

With the new state-of-the-art LightSheer diode laser, unwanted hair can be removed faster than before and with even greater treatment comfort. The high speed LightSheer is ideal for depilating larger areas of the body. Depending on the area to be treated, two different handpieces are used. This means that larger areas can be treated particularly quickly and gently with the LightSheer high speed handpiece.

High-quality diode lasers from Lumenis are used

The Latin term lumenis means light of life. This points to the importance of light in technologies to improve life.

Lumenis, the world market leader for aesthetic and medical laser therapy systems, markets devices of the highest quality. It is not without reason that the LightSheer diode laser system has been awarded a safety and quality certificate by the American Food and Drug Administration FDA.