Permanent hair removal in the intimate area with pleasant treatment methods

Smooth and hair-free skin all over the body, including the intimate area, that's what more and more couples wish for. If you want to be permanently hair-free, you are at the right address with our expert team for body hair removal. In our hair removal studio we offer fast and gentle hair removal in the intimate area. With our most modern technical equipment and many years of know-how, we can guarantee that we will perform your pubic hair removal professionally and safely.

Permanent hair removal in the intimate area will save you from regular shaving and painful hair removal with wax in the future. Both hair removal methods work only for a short time and have many disadvantages: cuts, ingrown hairs and regrowing stubble when shaving, plus an unpleasantly painful body sensation when depilating with wax. The laser method, on the other hand, is gentle and painless. In case of sensitive skin, surface anesthesia is possible so that the treatment can be performed as pleasantly as possible.

Gentle hair removal in the intimate area thanks to proven technology

damen intimbereichWe work mainly with laser technology for pubic hair removal. The unwanted hair is destroyed from its root by a light and heat pulse. It does not grow again, because once destroyed hair follicles are permanently killed. Our trained professionals bring years of experience in facial and body hair removal. Combining this know-how with the high quality of our laser equipment, we can guarantee you a safe and lasting result.

We work with two of the most modern laser systems on the market: The LightSheer diode laser as a premium device of the LUMENIS company offers you optimal results from the latest technology for your skin health.

The advantages:

  • It is extremely gentle on the skin
  • The method guarantees a safe and lasting result of pubic hair removal
  • It offers a very high level of treatment comfort
  • The laser enables fast treatment

All these factors contribute to the optimal performance of permanent hair removal in the intimate area. During a no-obligation initial consultation in our studio, you will receive detailed information, a careful analysis of your skin and hair structure and a treatment plan that is individually adjusted to you. In the process, we will explain the right method for removing hair, give you tips for proper skin care and determine the number of sessions for your method. Thus, you will soon be able to enjoy the hair-free feeling in the bikini line and intimate area without intimate shaving, waxing or sugaring.

Pubic hair removal for a comfortable body feeling

Intimate hair removal for many people has hygienic, erotic, aesthetic or religious reasons. Hair removal in the intimate area was an issue early in human history. However, in ancient times shells or sharp stones were used as tools. Fortunately, today you no longer have to rely on such methods, but can have your hair removed professionally. If you want to enjoy the pleasant body feeling of being hair-free in the pubic area permanently, professional hair removal in the intimate area can save you shaving, body depilatory creams and depilatory wax forever.

We offer a cozy atmosphere for your well-being in eden beauty lounge, where men and women alike can get rid of unwanted hair.