Permanent hair removal with needle epilation on tattoos

Do you have tattoos but body hair spoils your look? With needle epilation, this hair can be removed permanently without affecting the tattoo. If you would like to have a tattoo done on areas of the body that are currently not hair-free, permanent hair removal is the perfect preparation. If, on the other hand, you already have a tattoo but hair is spoiling the design then you will find the right partner for hair removal on tattooed skin at eden medical.

Needle epilation for tattooed skin areas

Épilation électrique par électrolyse

Tattoos are true body art that comes into its own on hair-free, well-groomed skin. However, if hair has spread over the tattoo, permanent light and laser hair removal is unsuitable. Treatment with light is based on colour contrasts and, so, is ideal for dark hair on light skin. The light is beamed down to the root via the melanin skin pigment so as to deactivate the follicle and make it impossible for hair to grow back. In the same way as with lack of contrast, e.g. light skin and fair hair making light and laser treatment almost impossible, using these techniques on areas with tattoos does not work properly either. On the contrary, this destroys not only the hair roots but the tattoos as well.

However, this is not a problem with needle epilation: Even on tattooed skin, hair can finally be permanently removed. During treatment, the epilation needle is inserted directly into the hair shaft and the follicle deactivated by an electric pulse. The remaining hair then falls out of this pore and regrowth is impossible. In this way, needle epilation is ideal for permanent hair removal on tattooed skin in men and women alike.

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