Permanent hair removal improves skin

Permanent hair removal improves skin structure, the skin appears finer-pored and smoother. With smooth and hair-free skin, you always feel well-groomed and smart.

Flawlessly smooth skin without disturbing hair strengthens self-confidence, increases personal well-being and imparts a strong and self-confident charisma. There are several ways to regularly remove facial and body hair, but some of these methods are inconvenient, time-consuming and simply annoying in the long run. For all those who never want to epilate at home again and never want to shave again, there are sustainable ways to make hair growth in the desired body regions disappear in a targeted manner. With the help of state-of-the-art technology and expert staff, you can easily and gently get rid of your unloved body hair at eden. There, proven permanent hair removal for men and women is on offer - and with the highest treatment comfort imaginable.


Hair-free and fine-pored skin - the result of permanent hair removal

No pain, no weekly shaving, no ingrown hairs and no regrowing stubble - the modern devices and the perfect know-how of the staff at eden fulfil all these wishes for you. It is virtually painless and gives you flawlessly smooth skin. After treatment, you are not only hair-free, but you can also look forward to further effects: Permanent hair removal improves skin structure, the skin appears finer-pored and smoother. When you choose 100% hair removal with needle epilation, you are choosing the best that science has to offer in terms of lasting hair removal.

Permanent hair removal for men and women

Women love to show off delicate hair-free facial skin, smooth and velvety legs, hairless arms and a well-groomed, smooth bikini line. Rough body hair is also an issue for men. Excessive hair growth is such a nuisance, but shaving regularly takes time and is annoying in the long run. Many wish they never have to shave again, they would like to have well-groomed skin at all times without stubble and without hair growing back. Therefore, more and more women and men are looking for alternatives to epilation and shaving. If you never want to shave or wax your hair again, if you don't want ingrown hair and want to feel completely smooth, hair-free and attractive without any stubble, you have the option of having your hair permanently removed.

The gentle way to permanent hair removal

The best science has to offer in terms of definitive hair removal is needle epilation, as performed at eden. You can be expertly treated with success in all areas of the body. Using the latest equipment, 100% hair removal is achieved, for example, with needle epilation.