Facial hair removal makes you more beautiful

If you as a woman suffer from hair growth in the area of the cheeks or chin, you are at the right address. We increase your well-being and your attractiveness with a gentle and permanent hair removal on the face. The time of tweezers, epilator and cream for depilation of the delicate facial skin is thus over. Our proven and gentle methods with lasting results will help you forget about the issue of women beard and annoying hairs forever. Your self-confidence will come back, and you will make yourself a great long lasting gift with professional facial hair removal. We, as your hair removal specialists, look forward to your call and will give you answers to your questions about professional facial hair removal.

Our hair removal methods offer you the following advantages:

  • They are safe and long proven
  • They are gentle on the skin
  • They have a lasting effect and remove hair for a long time
  • We are experienced professionals with an eye for your skin health
  • We use the latest technology for you

Facial hair removal improves your quality of life

Smooth skin and a young, feminine look are the pleasing results when you have your women beard removed. Safe facial hair removal methods make it possible that you are free of unwanted hair growth sometimes after just a few treatments. Especially in the face, unusual hair growth has a disturbing effect and dampens your natural feminine effect on your surroundings.

Our methods for facial hair removal are gentle and effective

Of course, at the beginning of every facial hair removal treatment there is a detailed consultation, in which we inform you about the suitable method, the procedure and the technique of the treatment. This also includes a thorough diagnosis of your hair structure and a free test treatment. Our trained professionals are experienced in laser treatment and achieve excellent results. Laser hair removal is an effective and gentle way to remove facial hair. Focused light in a wavelength of 800 nanometers is directed at the hair. It converts into heat and reaches the hair root. The proteins in the hair cells and the hair follicle are permanently destroyed and cannot grow again with this type of facial hair removal.

Since hair follicles grow in different phases and can only be treated during the period of growth (which is called anagen), several sessions are always necessary. Our laser devices comply with the most modern technology. The Light Sheer diode laser from the Lumenis company is especially gentle on the skin. The skin protection system, which is also based on cooling, guarantees optimal safety without major skin irritation. If, for example, in addition to the women beard removal, eyebrow corrections are also desired, needle epilation can be used even in the sensitive area around the eyes, where laser treatment is unsuitable. Of course, for each treatment we give you professional tips for the aftercare of the skin, which additionally boost skin health.

How about skin rejuvenation? - Light therapy

If you want silky smooth and rejuvenated skin on your face, we offer you Seecret® light therapy, a treatment that stimulates the formation of the body's own collagen and vitamin D supply in your skin. Filled protein depots and an improved fibrous structure of the skin give you new elasticity and a radiantly healthy appearance. Face and décolleté are treated with this collagen light therapy regularly in 2-3 sessions per week, preferably for 10 to 12 weeks. Already after one month the anti-aging effect is clearly visible. In addition to facial hair removal, collagen light therapy contributes very significantly to a natural and feminine appearance. You will enjoy the effect of skin rejuvenation for sure.